In terms of career opportunities, Delaware is an excellent state for those wishing to pursue jobs in court reporting. There is a dire need in the state for qualified court reporters. As such, those who possess the right qualifications tend to get hired fairly quickly and, once they are hired, they usually enjoy lucrative pay that is well above the state average and excellent job security.

Unfortunately, however, the state does not offer a lot of educational options for its residents. While there are some schools and programs offering educations in court reporting, none of them are certified by the National Association of Court Reporters, which is what is preferred by most employers.

The way around this that most Delaware residents have found is to choose to attend online schools. While many people look down on online schools, the right online school can be an excellent option.

Not only can it provide you with the type of education you truly need to succeed, but you can get that education on your own time and right from the comfort and security of your own home. Plus, online schools tend to be much more affordable than traditional schooling options.

You will want to be careful, however, should you choose to go the route of an online school, to choose one that is fully accredited. The reason online schools get such a bad reputation is because there are so many out there that are simply not legitimate.

This is unfortunate since there are also many that are. It is up to you to carefully research any online school you are thinking of attending to avoid wasting your valuable time, money, and effort. Remember that a “degree” from an unaccredited institution, no matter how much work you have put into it, will be essentially useless to you.

One popular online option for Delaware residents is Bryan College. This online school offers associate’s degree programs in a variety of different court reporting concentrations. Delaware residents also frequently attend the Prince Institute, which offers associate’s degree programs in court reporting and/or CART captioning.

The Prince Institute is also certified by the National Court Reporters Association. Keep in mind, though, that the beauty of online schools is that you are not limited to schools in a particular area. You can attend an online school based anywhere, as long as it is accredited and will prepare you for your chosen career.

Once you do have an education, you can either go out and start looking for work immediately, or you can choose to earn a certification.

If you attended a school that was not certified by the National Court Reporters Association, then a certification can greatly help you in your job search. In either case, certifications are good ways to showcase your training and your skill set without spending a ton of time or money. Certifications are offered by a number of institutions and in a wide variety of different court reporting areas.