In the state of Alabama, there are many career opportunities available for qualified correction officers. Though most people think that all that corrections officers can do is work in prisons, there are actually many other capacities and environments in which these professionals may work.

Correction officers, for example, might work in jails, might oversee and help those awaiting trials, and typically have many responsibilities aside from just watching inmates and keeping them in line. It”s important that you have a realistic idea of the nature of the work, which can be quite difficult, before you start the necessary training to become a corrections officer.

Also before you start any sort of training to become a corrections officer, you should make sure that you qualify to work in the field. You must be at least eighteen years old, and you must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent. You are also required to be a United States citizen, and you must not have any felony convictions on your record; getting hired with even a misdemeanor conviction can be difficult.

Furthermore, you also need to be in good physical and mental health, and will be tested in both regards. Typically, corrections officers must also have good eyesight and hearing as well.

Though not all institutions will require you to have a post secondary education, more and more are expecting this of their applicants. As such, having higher education in a related casino online field, such as psychology, police science, criminology, social work, or criminal justice can greatly increase your chances of being hired.

Even if you hold only an associate”s degree, which can typically be earned in as little as two years, you”ll likely have an easier time standing out above the competition and finding a job.

The good news for those who are considering a formal education is that Alabama is home to many wonderful schools with related degree and training programs. Some of these educational opportunities are even offered online, making it easy to fit getting an education into a busy lifestyle.

The University of Phoenix, for example, is an all-online school that offers a bachelor”s degree program in organizational security management, as well as a master”s degree program in administration of justice and security.

Amridge University, a traditional university in Montgomery, has online bachelor”s degree programs in criminal justice and homeland security, and Auburn University at Montgomery offers online bachelor”s degree programs in criminal justice and in justice and public safety.

Columbia Southern University, Herzing University, ITT Technical Institute, Jacksonville State University, Jefferson State Community College, South University, and Virginia College, are other popular options in the state offering online programs in related areas.

For those planning on a more traditional education, there are even more choices. Top picks among Alabama residents include Wallace State Community College, Wallace Community College of Selma, the University of South Alabama, the University of North Alabama, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Shelton State Community College, and many others.