As the jobs are getting scarcer in light of the US economy many people are looking for jobs any place that will accept them. One job field that is frequently looked to for jobs in the US is the criminal justice field which employs a big percentage of the people in the nation.

Employment in the criminal justice system can entail a position in a great variety of jobs including police officers, law clerks, as well as corrections officers. Though all of these jobs may be appealing to many, getting a job in this Utah could involve some extensive training, both physical and educational.

Many jobs in the criminal justice field require a fair amount of educational experience before an applicant can be considered for a position but when it comes to getting a job as a correctional officer most correctional centers do not require a degree to acquire.

The requirements for most positions as a correctional officer in many cases are as follows: a high school diploma or GED, a clean criminal background, a clean drug screening, some work experience, a passing grade on an agility test and a psychological assessment, and training once employed.

These requirements may not seem like a lot to some but it is important to keep in mind that many people may qualify for a position in corrections so the job could be pretty competitive. In order to combat the competitive aspect of this job market it may be a good idea to separate yourself from other applicants in any way that you can.

One way that this can be done would be to get a degree as opposed to simply having a high school diploma before applying.

Having a bachelors degree in criminal justice is required for some jobs as a corrections officer such as those that involve working at a federal funded facility. Though gaining a bachelor’s degree in the field is by no means an easy thing to do it is a good way to get into the field at the federal level.

Getting a degree in the criminal justice field could not only set you apart from many applicants to the position but may also adequately prepare you for the job in the best way possible. The things that you learn while attempting to gain your bachelor’s degree in criminal justice could also be applied to other jobs besides being a correctional officer.

This could really help you if you decide to switch jobs because you find that you are not satisfied with being a correctional officer when hired. When talking about the job of a correctional officer it is important to realize that this job can often be dangerous and tiring for some.

Many correctional facilities require you to work every shift available with a schedule that can change frequently. Though these may be downfalls to the job there can also be much good that come with the position as well such as quality work benefits.

Federal facilities also often have stricter rules that go along with the hiring process including more rigorous training in some cases. The training that is involved to be sufficient at being a federal correctional officer can be done at a specially mandated camp that the correctional facility uses privately or a state mandated facility with many of these positions.

In regards to this training it is important to prepare yourself for at least 120 hours of training after being hired or about 2 weeks of the process. The training that you receive at the training camp that you attend will help you to learn about the ins and outs of the position and ensure that you are prepared for the job ahead.

In addition to this if you are planning on becoming a correctional officer it is important that you do all you can to complete the application process in the most complete manner possible. Many facilities will not accept applications with incomplete data or if it is missing the proper credentials.

An exam is also required for many of the state mandated jobs in this field that are located around the country and this is another reason why it is so important to prepare yourself to the best of your abilities when applying to these positions.