If you are interested in becoming a corrections officer in the state of Michigan, then you should be aware that these well paid, highly secure jobs are, for obvious reasons, very competitive and difficult to obtain. Therefore, if you really want to work in corrections in the state, then you are going to have to work hard for the opportunity.

You’ll need something to make yourself stand out above the rest of the competition, and that something is a degree in corrections or in some other closely related area, such as criminal justice or criminology.

The good news is that Michigan offers plenty of excellent educational opportunities for those with a sincere interest in the corrections field. You can choose from associate’s level degree programs, bachelor’s level degree programs, and if you meet the right qualifications, even master’s level degree programs and PhD degree programs!

These programs can be completed, in many cases, either online or in a traditional school environment. For busy, working professionals or parents, evening classes are also frequently available, and some schools even offer weekend coursework.

You can make your education work for you at one of Michigan’s fine institutions, or even by branching out thanks to the world wide web.

Before you enroll in any program, however, be it traditional or online, you’ll need to make sure that the school is fully accredited. Unaccredited institutions cannot grant degrees, and anything that you earn from them serves only as proof that you completed an unaccredited program and will not be useful to you in the least.

This is especially a concern with online schools, so you really need to do your research carefully. This is not to say that online schools are bad–there are lots of good ones out there; you just need to be smart with your choice.

Picking a traditional program is a little easier, because you can tour the campus, speak to admissions counselors, and even sit in on a couple of classes. Any reputable institution will allow you to do all of these things and will answer your questions freely.

Ask about past graduates, internship opportunities, the graduation success rate, and more. Remember, you are making a huge decision, and you deserve to have whatever information you need to make that decision, so don’t be shy! The more you know, the more likely it is you’ll pick the right program for you.

Finally, don’t feel overwhelmed with too many choices. It’s usually easier to decide if you determine what major you wish to have, as well as the desired degree level up front. That should serve to narrow down your choices significantly.

Plus, you’ll definitely want to spend a lot of time checking out the most popular and proven educational programs and institutions in the state.

These are what most people pick, so they are a great starting point, even if none of them ends up sounding right for you in the long run.

Top choices for prospective corrections officers in the state include The Academy of Court Reporting, located in Clawson; Adrian College; Alpena Community College; Bay de Noc Community College, located in beautiful Escanaba; Bay Mills Community College of Brimley; Concordia University at Ann Arbor; Davenport University, located in Grand Rapids.

Delta College in University Center; Eastern Michigan University, located in Ypsilanti; Ferris State University, located in Big Rapids; Finlandia University of Hancock; Gogebic Community College in Ironwood; and Grand Rapids Community College. These, of course, are just a few of your many options in the great state of Michigan.