Idaho residents who one day have hopes of becoming corrections officers will be very glad to know that the state has many wonderful educational options available. There is no one, exact path that every person is required to follow in order to work in the corrections field.

Instead, there are many related areas that one can study and find success in the field. The key is just to attend an accredited college, either online or traditional, that will adequately prepare you for work in the field. Of course, you also must be personally suited to working in corrections.

One very popular and respected choice in the state is Boise State University. This large state school, which has a wide variety of scholarships, loans, and other financial aid available, offers a bachelor’s program in criminal justice, as well as a master’s degree program in the same.

Bachelor’s degree programs can be attended by qualified students who hold either a high school diploma or its equivalent or an associate’s degree. The master’s degree program can be attended by those who have a bachelor’s degree, though it need not be in a related field in all cases.

The College of Southern Idaho, which is located in Twin Falls, is also a viable option for many. This school has a wide variety of different programs at all skill levels, including an associate’s degree in law enforcement, as well as an associate’s degree program in general criminal justice.

A certificate granting program is also available in law enforcement. For both the associate’s degree programs and the certificate program, only a high school diploma or its equivalent is required in addition to acceptance to the program.

Another school that offers a similar certificate program, this one a legal technical certificate, is Eastern Idaho Technical College, located in Idaho Falls.

For those who love large state universities, Idaho State University, which is located in Pocatello, is often a safe bet. This diverse school has associate’s degree programs in criminal justice, female corrections, and law enforcement.

Likewise, those interested in associate’s degree programs may also find their home at ITT Technical Institute, in Boise, which has an associate’s degree program in criminal justice (offered online). The school is also home to a respected bachelor’s degree program in criminal justice.

Two other popular choices within the state include Lewis Clark State College, located in Lewiston, and offering a bachelor’s degree in general justice; and North Idaho College, in Coeur d’Alene, with an associate’s degree program in general justice, as well as programs in law enforcement, and criminal justice.

Keep in mind, however, if none of these programs are right for you, there are still many other colleges and universities in the state. Furthermore, there are also many great online colleges all over the United States that you can choose from. As long as your school is accredited and legitimate, you can earn a degree and find the success that you want within the field.