Many corrections officers supervise the incarcerated people in detention centers all across New Jersey while enforcing the policies of these detention centers and maintaining their security in addition to this. This is a necessary service that is needed in this state as well as all across America.

If you are an individual who is interested in joining the ranks of the thousands of corrections officers in the US then getting a certification to do so may not be as hard as you may think. Certification programs are available for corrections officers and can be gotten through visiting a local community college and making a one year academic commitment in many cases or by taking the ACA exam for certification.

In regards to the college programs, these programs may entail a classroom experience and hands on training for the job of a corrections officer and this training may also have a physical training portion. You would also study various policies that contribute to the criminal justice system such as inmate control policies and correctional theories.

In order to enroll in a program such as this some requirements must be met which include that the applicant must be a US citizen and have a driver’s license. To enroll in this program, applicants should expect the implementation of a criminal background check as well and have a high school diploma or the equivalent.

In addition to this, applicants may be required to pass an abilities test that is basic in nature as well as be above the age of 18.

If you want to work as a corrections officer on the state or local level then in order to get professional certification from the ACA you can apply to take the certification exam. This exam is filled with questions that are comprehensive of what a corrections officer should know in order to be successful in the field.

Candidates who apply for this certification must also be 18 years of age to 21, have a high school diploma and at one year of work experience behind them. If you want to be a corrections supervisor and to get you corrections manager certification then this requires the applicant to get at least an associate’s degree in criminal justice.

In addition to this in order to get Executive designation a bachelor’s degree is mandatory a bachelor’s degree is also mandatory to work in a federal based corrections facility. These certifications must be renewed within three years of getting them and every 3 years after.

Getting a certification can really boost your resume as a corrections officer and not only this, it can help you see growth in your career. If you want to apply for the manager and executive certifications as mentioned there are certain steps you must take including getting an associates and bachelors degree respectively.

Getting these degrees can be tedious but in the long run they are worth it for the growth of your career. In order to get your degree in the field of criminal justice there are a few steps that you can take including attending a community college for your associates degree and then possibly transferring to a university to obtain your bachelors.

In terms of money spent on education, going to a community college to get your associates degree in the field may save you hundreds to thousands of dollars as opposed to going straight to a university. In addition to this you may want to consider going to school online as a way to get your degree and then go on to get certified, the choice is yours.