Starting a career as a corrections officer in North Dakota involves the process of applying to the department of corrections near you after getting your professional certification for being a corrections officer. Of course there are many other requirements that go with landing a job as a corrections officer but the main thing to consider is getting certified.

Getting your professional certification can be accomplished through a 200 question exam that is mandated by the American Corrections Association. This test is designed to test your knowledge about the duties and responsibilities of a corrections officer as well as procedures you may need on the job among other things but in order to be hired as a corrections officer it is necessary that you meet the requirements of having your high school diploma or the equivalent GED for starters.

It is also necessary that you pass a series of tests for the position including a physical test to assess your fitness level for the job at hand. In addition to this a mental test may be administered to denote whether you are ready for the task mentally. These tests are all necessary to ensure that the people that are applying are qualified to be corrections officers. In addition to this a background check is also necessary as well as a proper drug screening.

One other thing to consider when attempting to apply for a job as a corrections officer is the amount of experience you have both job and educational. When it comes to educational experience, though a high school diploma is acceptable for a person to be hired as an entry level corrections officer at the state and local level it is not acceptable for those who want to apply to a federally mandated detention center.

A detention center at the federal level requires that a person hold at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as the criminal justice field. Getting a criminal justice degree can be done in a variety of ways including enrolling in a degree program online or enrolling in a degree program in a traditional university setting.

Though a traditional university setting may be the more expensive option of the two methods, this can be a good option for those who are not particularly good at managing their time or being self motivated to keep up with the required class work.

If you are planning on getting a degree in the criminal justice field it’s important to keep in mind what type of personality you have in order to succeed in the best manner possible.

In addition to this another thing to consider when trying to start a career as a corrections officer is if you are ready for the amount of training and work that it takes to follow this career path not to mention the often unpleasant tasks that you have in store for you. If you are a person that is put off by violence for instance the job of a corrections officer may not be for you.

The other thing to consider when attempting working in this field is the amount of training you must go through to be successful in the workplace.

Training sessions for a corrections officer can often last weeks and after this time many may still need help with applying some of the techniques that are necessary for the job. In all, the person who is thinking about applying for the job of a corrections officer really has a lot to consider before making the decision to take the certification exam that will qualify them for the job.