A lot of prospective FBI agents in the state of Connecticut wonder whether or not they can take a simple certification course and then apply for admittance to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). After all, there are so many schools out there; especially online schools, offering such certification programs and making it look so easy to start working as an agent.

There are an especially high number of such programs being advertised in the state of Connecticut. The truth of the matter is, however, that you can’t just take a basic course for a few weeks and then gain admission to the FBI. The FBI requires its applicants to meet several requirements, and whether or not you meet those requirements, not whether or not you have a certification, will determine your eligibility.

One thing you will need to possess in order to work as a FBI agent is United States citizenship, or citizenship in the Northern Mariana Islands. While you do not have to actually have been born in one of these areas, you must have full citizenship at the time of your application.

The reason for this is because the FBI is a federal agency and wants members who do not have mixed interests or, in other words, who always have the best interest of the nation at heart.

Furthermore, prospective agents need to be at least twenty-three years old. This will ensure a level of maturity and discretion that is necessary for FBI work. Agents also should not be older than thirty-six years of age, since the nature of FBI work is physically demanding.

Agents also must not have had any felony convictions on their records. Though everyone makes mistakes, the FBI simply cannot take risks by employing past felons. In truth, any kind of criminal record or even charge will likely greatly hurt your chances of being accepted to the FBI.

FBI agents also need to have a valid driver’s license, since many aspects of the work will require them to operate motor vehicles. At least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is necessary as well, since this shows you are able to make commitments and stick with them and also gives you important knowledge and skills that can contribute to your work.

To ensure that you are used to hard work and have some real world experience, agents will also need at least three years of work experience. Drug testing to ensure your responsibility and clarity levels, mental health testing to ensure stability, and physical and health related testing will also be required.

Furthermore, as proof of their respect for the United States government and their commitment to honesty and integrity, agents should have fair to good credit and must not have defaulted on a federally issued college loan. By meeting all of these requirements, you can be an FBI agent. Having a certification or not has absolutely nothing to do with it and will not affect your chances either way.