Since the event of 9/11 and the rise in crime in some areas of the US, not to mention all of the cop dramas that appear on national television, the career choice of becoming a criminologist has been on the minds of many American citizens in Missouri and in other areas.

If you are one of the many people every year that decide that they would like to try a career in criminal justice or criminology then there are a multitude of resources available to get you moving along this path and also many classes that may be offered around your area to help you as well.

You have the option of going to an accredited 4 year university, community college or to a school online that offers criminology classes if you are looking for a school to go to and you also have a variety of courses to take in order to meet your goal if you are just getting started.

There are also many career paths to choose from in regards to the criminal justice system but becoming an actual Criminologist mostly involves teaching and research of theories on criminal behavior and activity.

Criminology is also a career like many others in that the lower the level of school that you complete the lower your beginning salary and career title will be so it may be important to take this into consideration when attempting to figure out what level of schooling is right for you.

When it comes to taking classes in the criminology discipline there is much available for students to learn but the most prominent things that students have to learn is the history of crime as well as about criminal behavior.  You as a student will also learn about the current laws on the books and how they are used to control the criminal events that take place in the US.

You may also learn about the psychology behind criminal behavior and what leads many criminals to a life of crime and about how to enforce the crimes that are committed on a daily basis in America.  When you go about the business of choosing the classes that you will need to take in your curriculum then there will also be a number of elective classes that you may want to choose carefully in your degree program.

These electives that you choose may form what path you take toward your career in criminal justice so this is a reason to pick carefully when you do choose them.  For example you would not take a Forensic science class if you wanted to work as a Sociologist.

If you are thinking about pursuing your degree online there are a few things that you may want to look out for. One thing that you may want to research is which schools offer degree programs for your field of interest and also whether a particular school is reputable and accredited or not.

This can be checked through the better business bureau.  A good thing about online courses is the fact that for many they are convenient and offer a great alternative to going on to a campus to learn. In regards to criminology courses, online schools usually offer masters degree programs for this as well so if you are thinking about pursuing an education in criminology past the bachelors level going to an online school can provide your with the education you need.

In addition to this going to school online provides the chance to get an education while working full time because of its convenience so don’t wait, start on the path to getting your degree today.