Starting a career in the FBI is not the easiest thing to do, but for people who are committed and determined, this mission may be easier to complete than for others. When thinking about applying for a job with the bureau, you should always remember that the FBI is a renowned institution, not only in the United States but also across the world.

This means that some of the best people will apply for positions with the FBI, and these are the people you should expect to compete against. Obviously, the FBI looks for the most qualified and skilled individuals out there, and it will only pick those who excel in their own field. If you are seriously thinking about starting a career as a FBI agent, getting a strong educational foundation is the best place to start.

Not only is a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university a prerequisite for FBI service, but attending such an institution will also help you to grow into the kind of intelligent, well rounded person the FBI is looking for.

There are many ways in which you can get a job in the FBI, but in any case, you will have to fulfill the basic criteria. This means having a bachelor’s degree (at the minimum), being at least 23 when applying but not older than 36, being a United States citizen or a citizen of the Mariana Islands, being drug free, being mentally and physically healthy, never having defaulted on a federal student loan, and having at least 3 years of professional experience in the area you have chosen to specialize in.

Many people think that getting a degree in criminal justice is the most common way to get into the FBI. This is partially true, because most people who earn such a degree are interested in getting into investigative jobs, and the majority of them will at least apply for FBI positions. You should bear in mind, however, the fact that investigative and crime related work isn’t the only capacity in which agents are employed. Agents come to the bureau from a variety of academic and personal backgrounds.

The FBI greatly relies, for example, on translators, which means that people with a degree in foreign languages or in general linguistics may very well be what the FBI is looking for. On the official FBI website, there is a list of the languages for which fluent speakers are in high demand. As you may imagine, these are mainly rarely spoken languages among the non-natives and languages that are important in the current international relations and geopolitics fields.

For instance, people who speak Arabic, Chinese or Russian as well as other such languages may find a job in the FBI as a translator. Thus, you may not necessarily need a degree in criminal justice. Other specializations that are often sought after by the FBI include computer science, finance and accounting.

To come back to our main point, choosing the right classes in Michigan tend to depend upon the specialization you have chosen. The prestige of the school you attend may also play a role in whether or not you are chosen to be an FBI employee. Michigan State University, for example, is quite renowned, especially in terms of its criminal justice programs. The classes, to be more specific, at this institution vary with the type of degree and with the specialization chosen.

It is always a good idea to pick classes that does not overlap but which are connected somehow. This way, you can get extensive knowledge in your subject area of choice. Moreover, having the advantage of studying at a very prestigious academic institution, such as Michigan State University, brings the extra benefit of being able to choose from a wide array of classes and even specializations. As a general point, the classes you take during a criminal justice degree program should provide you with valuable knowledge on law enforcement and other criminal matters. However, the good universities will always have relevant classes available.

Other academic institutions known for their good criminal justice programs in the state are South University, National American University Online, and Brown Mackie College.