As the criminal justice field is on the rise in certain parts of the country many people may be asking how to gain one of the many correctional officer positions available around the country. In regards to this getting to be a correctional officer in the state of Washington as well as any of the other states of the US is often no easy task.

There is often many steps to take before one can even apply for the position including getting a high school diploma or the equivalent GED. Other requirements include having a clean background check or at least a background that contains no felonies.

These steps and more a required to land a job as a correctional officer but the most rigorous part of the whole process for many is the many hours of training involved in the task.

Training to become a correctional officer can be done either in a specialized training facility sponsored by the state or the federal government. In addition to this the training involved in one of these facilities can take weeks to complete and involve tasks that teach applicants the basics of protecting themselves in a detention center and techniques to better assist inmates and other officers alike.

These training exercises are detrimental to the job and everyone who applies to become a corrections officer must go through them for state and federal detention centers. For those who want to train for work in a federal detention center even more requirements may be necessary such as gaining educational training as well.

In order to work in a federal detention center that is located in Washington you may need to prepare yourself for the duties of the job by applying for and completing a 4 year degree program in criminal justice at a reputable university. Many universities around the country offer these bachelor’s degree programs but when choosing one you may want to make sure that the program gives you all the educational training required to get a position as a corrections officer.

This is why it is so important to review the qualifications for the job that you want as different detention centers may have different requirements.

If you are thinking about applying to a university to get your criminal justice degree it is important to also research the school you apply to in order ensure that it is reputable as many federal centers may not hire a candidate that did not get an education from a respected college.

In addition to going to a 4 year university to get your degree another option that you can explore is going to school online. Schools such as Kaplan and the University of Phoenix offer reputable degree programs for those looking for the education required to work in federal prisons.

The criminal justice degree that you gain from an online school or a 4 year university can not only be used to get a job in corrections but also many other fields in the criminal justice system so this is a good reason to pursue one.

Although the minimum education requirement to become a correctional officer is a high school diploma in many cases having a degree in the field can also prepare you for the job ahead as well as give you an edge over other candidates when it comes to being hired.

When it comes to the hiring process for this field, in addition to going through formal and educational training it is also important to pass certain standardized tests as well before landing a position. These tests can require a fair amount of study and should not be taken lightly.

Often a detention center that is hiring new candidates will require these tests before even considering a person for a position and in addition to these standardized tests physical and mental tests are often given as well. The tests required to become a corrections officer are necessary to ensure the safety and security of the inmates that a corrections officer works with as well as the employees themselves.

With all of these regulations in place it is often difficult to land a job as a correctional officer but once a person does the benefits and job security that comes with the position are seen by many as well worth the effort.