As with many other careers, it is a safe assumption that if you want to become a true professional criminologist, moving to New York may be a good decision. The state is home to several schools that offer graduate degrees and other advanced programs in criminology.

While a person can get their undergraduate from one of the many good schools across the country, if you want the highest level advanced education in criminology, one of the colleges or universities in New York could be the best possible option.

In speaking about criminology programs in New York, one school that is constantly regarded as having a top tier graduate degree is the CUNY John Jay College. Located in the center of the action in New York City, this school has a diverse offering of masters degrees that fall under the Criminal Justice field.

John Jay College not only has the standard masters for Criminal Justice, but also has a number of specialized masters for a person that already knows which career path that they would like to follow.

Among the various offerings are included the following masters degrees: Forensic Computing, Protection Management, Forensic Science, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Mental Health Counseling, International Crime and Justice, and Oversight and Policy of Public Administration.

St. Johns University, which is also located in New York City, also has a highly regarded program for criminology. Their MA in Criminology and Justice is unlike many programs in the United States with the focus that is put on the research and theory side of criminal studies.

Using computer based statistical analysis and a combination of classroom and internship settings, students are able to learn a fundamental base of the underlying criminology concepts and how they apply to real world situations. While education exists regarding the various careers in different criminal justice agencies, many graduates choose to pursue careers with private consulting companies or in research positions with government agencies.

In addition, the scholarly approach to the criminology education means that there are many high level professors in the country that earned their graduate degree from St. Johns.

While CUNY John Jay College and St. Johns are popular schools for high level criminology learning, there is one New York school that towers over the rest. The SUNY University at Albany has a strong reputation that consistently lands the school in the top five ranked programs across the country.

Their graduate studies programs are divided into three main options for students. The first is a standards Criminal Justice MA that is anything but ordinary. This program looks at all aspects of criminology, but primarily focuses on successful crime prevention systems in the world and examines how and why they are effective to see if design elements can be included in other locations to lower crime rates.

To facilitate studies, the college has connections and partnerships with a number of international agencies, including the Japanese National Police and the NYPD Police Department.

The other main MA program at SUNY at Albany is a dual program that rewards successful students with both an MA in Criminal Justice and a MSW in Social Work. This course of study is intended for students that plan on working in the human services area of criminology and can give a full understanding of policies and regulations that dictate criminal justice in the United States.

At the highest level of study, SUNY at Albany also has a PhD program for a person that is looking to attain the highest degree possible. Most graduates with a PhD degree plan on working in the academic area of criminology and some graduates from SUNY at Albany are found in high positions of academic criminology study.