If you live in the state of Arizona and are considering going to school to receive a degree in criminology, then there are some things that you should absolutely know before you start down your educational path. Far too often, people enroll in criminology programs only to end up disappointed or realizing that they didn’t plan properly for their degree.

It’s important that, in order to not end up like this, you thoroughly research the field of criminology, the career that you would like to have in it, and your degree program.

In addition to gaining that kind of basic knowledge, you should also pay close attention to our seven shocking facts about Arizona criminologist degrees!

  • You Don’t Have to Be in School Forever: When most people think of successful criminologists, they think of people who have received extensive schooling, holding master’s degrees or even PhDs. The truth of the matter is, however, that you don’t need extremely high levels of schooling in order to find success in the field. There are a wide variety of different criminology jobs, some of which do require higher level degrees, but many of which only require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. It’s up to you to find the career that matches your level of education.
  • You Can Go to School Online!: A lot of people roll their eyes at the mention of online schools. They think that because they are not traditional schools, they are somehow not good enough or, worse yet, that all of them are scams. The good news is that, while there are some illegitimate online schools out there, there are online schools that can give you a strong educational foundation and help to propel you to success in the field. Popular choices for Arizona residents include Argosy University, DeVry University, Grand Canyon University, Penn Foster College, the University of Phoenix, and Western International University.
  • A Certificate Does Not Equal a Degree: As you look for the right educational program for you, you’ll quickly find that many Arizona schools offer certificate programs. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking a certificate is the same as a degree, but it definitely is not. Certificates are a supplement to a formal education, not a substitute.
  • You Can Work While You’re in School: You might be surprised to know that a lot of criminology jobs, especially the more entry level ones, will hire those who are still in school in the field. Sometimes, these jobs will even help to finance their educations, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.
  • Internships = Success: Research has shown that internships in the field are the number one way to get hired. Either through connections made while interning or a job offer at the end of the internships, most successful criminologists found their jobs through internships.
  • An Equal Opportunity Field: Criminology has long been regarded as a man’s field, but research shows that more and more women are seeking out criminal justice degrees and working in the field in the state.
  • There are Tons of Opportunities: No matter what type or level of criminology degree you’re interested in seeking out, you can find it in Arizona, which currently has 32 schools offering criminology related programs.