If you have dreams of becoming a corrections officer in the state of Arizona, then you’ll be happy to know that there are many wonderful opportunities for prospective employees in the field. Arizona is full of post secondary schools offering degree programs, certificate granting programs, and basic training programs in areas related to corrections.

In fact, there are so many programs and options that finding the right one for you can often feel a bit overwhelming. In order to help relieve some of the confusion and help you to make the best possible choice, we’ve provided a few tips.

Tip #1: School Isn’t Required: Believe it or not, school actually isn’t a requirement for becoming a corrections officer in the state of Arizona! While you do have to possess a high school diploma or its equivalent in order to be considered for corrections positions, most jobs won’t require a degree, though they might prefer it.

We aren’t telling you this to dissuade you from pursuing schooling, but instead as a way to encourage you to explore all of your options. For some, earning a degree might not be the best or most realistic fit, and a certificate granting program or an informal training program might be your best bet!

Tip #2: You Can Go to School Online: In recent years, online schools have been cropping up all over the place. Unfortunately, the more common they’ve become, the worse of a reputation they have gotten! You shouldn’t believe everything that you hear, however.

There are actually quite a few reputable online schools out there, including both all-online institutions and traditional colleges and universities offering online programs. It’s up to you, though, to be the one to find those institutions. Make sure that any school you attend is accredited, or else your degree, training, or certificate is essentially useless.

Tip #3: There’s No “Right” Degree: If you talk to five different corrections officers about what degree you need to earn in order to be hired in corrections, you’ll likely get five different answers! The reason for this is that there are many acceptable educational paths that can lead to becoming a corrections officer.

Right now, there are working and successful corrections officers who hold degrees in psychology, sociology, criminal justice, criminology, police science, and many others. As long as your degree is related, you should do just fine.

Tip #4: There’s No “Right” Degree Level: Just as you don’t have to earn a degree in a specific field, you also don’t have to earn a degree at a certain educational level. Successful corrections officers can hold easy to earn associate’s degrees, full on bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, or PhDs.

It’s really all about finding the degree level that is right for you and with which you will have the most success. Always remember that it’s okay to start small; after all, there is nowhere to go from there but up. Do what’s right for you, and you’re sure to have success.