Michigan residents who are interested in having careers in the homeland security field should know that, though it may seem an unattainable goal, obtaining these positions is possible.

It just takes a bit of planning and effort on your part. The first thing you will need to do isn’t very difficult, though it can be a bit time consuming, and that is to research the homeland security field in general.

Also, and more importantly, learn about the many different jobs that exist in the field—there are hundreds—being sure to take notice of those that sound like they could be the right fit for you.

When you have a list compiled of possible jobs that you might like to have, spend some time researching each job in more depth and familiarizing yourself with their various requirements and necessary qualifications.

Be honest with yourself about what qualifications and requirements you are capable of meeting and willing to meet. Once you have done so, use the information you have gathered through your research to set a realistic career goal.

Having a career goal in mind is important because this is what you will plan your education and any other training you pursue around.

In other words, all the planning and schooling that you take part in will be done with the ultimate goal of having a specific career.

With your career goal ready, it is time to start planning out your education. Almost all jobs in the field will require you to have at least a bachelor’s degree, which you may earn all at once from a traditional or online college or university or in two parts, by first pursuing an associate’s degree and then transferring earned credits to achieve a bachelor’s degree.

No matter what level degree you are planning on pursuing or what subject area you are most interested in, know that Michigan is home to many fine programs in and related to homeland security and its various careers.

One of the top choices in the state is Adrian College, which offers a bachelor’s degree program in criminal justice.

Likewise, Alpena Community College has several fine associate’s degree programs, including criminal justice with a focus on corrections and general criminal justice. A college that offers a wide variety of different programs is Baker College, which has locations in Allen Park, Auburn Hills, Cadillac, Clinton Township, Flint, Jackson, Muskegon, and Port Huron.

Its programs, many of which are offered online, include associate’s degree programs in criminal justice and emergency services management and bachelor’s degree programs in criminal justice, cyber defense, and legal studies.

A few other good choices include Bay de Noc Community College in Escanaba, Bay Mills Community College in Brimley, Concordia University at Ann Arbor, Davenport University in Grand Rapids, and Delta College in University Center.

The schools discussed here represent only a few of your many choices in the state and do not even touch upon the multitude of online options available to you.