Homeland security officers living and working in the beautiful state of New Hampshire enjoy several awesome benefits.

The first and most obvious of these benefits, of course, is simply getting to live and work in such a lovely, quaint state full of good, kind people. There are many other benefits, however, that only arise because of the work itself, and these simply cannot be found anywhere else.

Whether you are considering a career in homeland security as a real possibility or are just curious about the field in general, our list of advantages should help you to see clearly what an awesome job this is to do in the state of New Hampshire.

1. Lucrative Pay: It’s no secret that times are tough. People all over the United States, from all kinds of different positions and lines of work, have experienced salary reductions due to budget cuts, and many have even been laid off.

Fortunately for homeland security officers, however, they have not been affected by the recent economic downturn.

In fact, New Hampshire homeland security professionals make an average salary that is well above the state’s average salary across all professions. Add that in to the fact that these workers experience excellent job security, and you can’t go wrong.

2. Prestige and Respect: No matter what exact capacity a homeland security officer works in, the job is still a government position.

Not only does this mean lots of great retirement and financial benefits, but it also means respect and prestige. Those who encounter you and know about your line of work will immediately be in awe and, more importantly, you can feel good about the work you do.

Protecting our nation and keeping it running smoothly is, in fact, one of the most important jobs anyone could possibly have.

3. Excitement and Travel: For homeland security officers, there really never is a dull moment. No day at work will be exactly like another, allowing virtually no opportunity for boredom or career dissatisfaction to set in.

Plus, homeland security officers frequently get to travel for their jobs. Not only do they travel in style—usually via private airplanes—but they are also usually given some free time.

So, once all the work is through, these professionals can take in the sites of whatever awesome spot they happen to be in at the moment.

4. Career Flexibility: Did you know that there are literally hundreds of jobs in the homeland security field?

Professionals working in the industry might work in customs, in border patrol, in government security, or in a number of other departments. The good news about this is, if you ever get bored with one line of work in the field, trying out another isn’t that big of a leap.

In fact, if the new job you are interested in isn’t too terribly different from the current job you are in at the time, you might even be able to make the switch without pursuing further education or training.

5. Continuing Education Opportunities: For some, there could be no better life than being a lifelong student. Many people just love schooling and learning new things.

Well, you can rest assured, if you are one of these people, that, as a homeland security professional, you will constantly be learning. With so many new and constantly changing developments and technologies in the field, continuing education is an absolute necessity.

Your education, however, doesn’t have to be strictly related to the career field. Often times, other worthwhile educational pursuits will be financed, fully or in part, by your employer.

6. The Ultimate in Protection: If you have given any serious thought to the homeland security profession and/or done your research, then you probably already realize that being a homeland security officer can be a dangerous line of work.

After all, that’s part of the excitement, right? The good news, though, is that you will always have the best in government protection, keeping you safe in your chosen line of work. Plus, legal troubles and other problems can disappear in a flash thanks to the amazing connections you will have as a result of your work.