For those who are interested in going into a career in forensic science, there are few better places to be than Michigan. This state, along with Illinois, has one of the highest average salaries for forensic scientists in the nation.

Whereas the national average salary for forensic scientists is only around $45,000 per year, the average for Michigan is a much higher $49,700 per year. So, if you are planning to work in the field in Michigan, you can count on bringing home a lucrative salary to make all of your hard work well worth it.

In addition to the opportunity to earn a large salary, you will also always have the opportunity for continuing education. Michigan is home to many fine colleges and universities offering various degree and certification programs in and closely related to the forensic science field.

Education is something that can increase your salary dramatically, so the more educational opportunities you take advantage of, the higher a pay rate you can expect to see. When you add this earning potential with the fact that you are already likely making a higher than average salary, it is easy to see what makes Michigan such a truly excellent choice.

Obviously, with so many options for higher learning, those who are new to the field will also enjoy several advantages. They will likely not have to travel far to embark upon an educational path that will help them to reach their own career goals.

They can also gain real experience in the field with ease, because there are a lot of forensic science employers throughout the state. Taking on internships or getting involved in other experiential learning opportunities in the state is easy to do just because of the sheer volume of opportunities that exist.

And, with a lot of forensic science employers in the state, there comes a lot of need for good, well qualified, and highly trained professionals. This means that, with the right credentials, you shouldn’t have to wait long for a position to open up.

While the competition is certainly a bit tough, new people are hired into the forensic science field in Michigan each day, so your chances for employment are good. Whats more is that forensic scientists in the state and throughout the nation tend to enjoy fairly good job security and layoffs are uncommon.

Obviously, Michigan is an excellent place to be for those who have the right forensic science training. However, you should never just rely on the state you live in to do the work for you. No matter where you live, Michigan included, it is still up to you to work hard, to secure a strong educational foundation, and to make the most of every opportunity you are given.

While your plight might be made easier because of where you live, it will still require commitment and real dedication on your part. So, keep this in mind as you do your job or work toward the job you wish to have.