If you would like to work as an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the state of Georgia, then you likely have quite a few questions. You probably want to know all about the bureau, about the different jobs available, the salary that you can expect to make, and about the requirements of being a member of the bureau.

Overwhelmingly, though, the most commonly asked question is about the nature of the work, and about what a day in the working life of an FBI agent is really like.

Unfortunately, though, this is not a simple question to answer. What one FBI agent experiences on a daily basis will be quite different from what another FBI agent experiences. In fact, one particular FBI agent’s career can vary quite a bit from day to day.

One of the biggest factors in determining work responsibilities and daily tasks to be completed is the capacity in which a particular agent works. An agent who specializes in criminal investigation, for example, would likely have a very different working day from an agent who specializes in linguistics or in accounting or finance.

One important thing to note, for agents in all areas, is that you should not expect them to have the typical nine to five working day. FBI agents work a very special and uncommon job, which of course, requires them to often keep very special and uncommon hours.

Often times, FBI agents are simply on call all the time, and must be willing to go to work any time of the day or night if they are called upon. This is certainly one of the challenges of the work, but for most people, it is certainly well worth it, thanks to the power, prestige, and high salaries FBI agents tend to enjoy.

In general, all agents will be given specific duties by their supervisor. These duties, whatever they may be, are then expected to be carried out in a timely manner, while maintaining close communication, at all times, with the supervisor and keeping detailed records of everything that is done. In some cases, agents may also be required to work with a partner at all times, and thus are also responsible for keeping their partners as informed and up to date as possible on every aspect of the work they are doing.

Keep in mind too that the nature of all FBI work, no matter how menial it may seem to you, is private and confidential. No matter what exciting thing an FBI agent is working on, he or she would not just be allowed to share the details with his spouse or best friend. Therefore, extremely high ethical standards and levels of discretion are an absolute necessity for success as an FBI agent. In fact, keeping up these standards and confidentiality, can sometimes be quite the job in itself. Not being properly confidential is grounds for dismissal from the FBI.