How do you start a successful Mississippi FBI agent career? This is a question that everyone who is considering becoming a FBI agent thinks about and wants to know the answer to.

There is no straightforward answer, however, when it comes to this question, but there are little tricks that you can employ to guarantee your success as an FBI agent. Here you can read more about the four main and extremely important issues that you should consider focusing on and strengthening before you apply for an FBI job.

The four things that we will further discuss may make the difference between you and all the other candidates.

To begin with, one of the main points you need to reflect upon is education. Building a successful career as a FBI agent, be it in Mississippi or elsewhere in the United States, depends heavily upon the training that you have received in school. One of the tricks to become successful as an FBI agent is to plan for this career early in your life.

You should know where you want to study, and your choices should always reflect the best schools in the country. The reputation of a school can have a great impact on how your application is regarded by an FBI recruiter. Having a degree from one of the top universities in the nation can very well cause you to get the job over an equally qualified candidate who went to a less impressive school.

You should also consider your area of specialization seriously. Knowing what it is you want to study is extremely important at this point, because it will determine how “in demand” you will be to the FBI. Many people choose degrees in criminal justice as their main entry passes to the FBI, but there are other fields which may be more suitable for your individual personality and intellectual capabilities.

These include linguistics, computer science, finance or accounting, and many others. Finally, when talking about education, it is always necessary to make the best of it and aim for a spotless academic record as this will give you a clear cut advantage in the competition.

A second key to success is getting involved with the FBI as soon as you can, and obviously this should not be interpreted as becoming a criminal sought by the FBI. The FBI has a great variety of programs through which it allows and recruits brilliant students to work for it while getting a grasp on how the bureau really functions.

There are several types of internships and other opportunities that you could take advantage of once you graduate or even while you are still in school.

A third key is to recognize the importance of public service and to be as involved as possible with public service. Being a citizen with a great sense of law and of the American society may increase your chances when applying for a FBI job. Working for the FBI should not be done only because of the advantages that this job brings about in terms of salary and social status.

People should be committed to protecting the safety and the civil liberties of the American people, and this should be demonstrated on paper during the application process. Thus, being an active part of society and volunteering for charitable organizations may also help you get to the next step in a FBI agent application.

The good news is that this can be easily accomplished in school through extracurricular activities.

Finally, the fourth key for success is personality. You should do as many things as possible to expand your horizons and perspectives. Not only will this positively affect the way you view your job, but it will also change the way you view the world and yourself. Embracing change should also be a skill of prospective FBI agents.

People who know that they are truly suited to this job have a greater chance of being selected. FBI agents must be loyal to their countries, integrity in their personal lives, and most importantly, they must possess large amounts of courage. You should consider how prepared you are to live up to these expectations before applying for a FBI job.