Kentucky residents who dream of becoming homeland security agents are encouraged to get out there and make those career dreams come true. In fact, there is no better time than the present to do so, and for many reasons, three of which we will discuss in detail here.

1. Salary, Benefits, and Job Security: Our first reason is actually a set of reasons, all of which are closely tied together. Prospective homeland security agents will be happy to know that these professionals make higher salaries than the average salary in the state, even in these troubled economic times.

Even more impressively, homeland security agents enjoy excellent job security. While those in other professions are getting laid off left and right and struggling to keep their jobs, many homeland security agents are being promoted to better positions and to higher salaries. Don’t forget either that as government employees, homeland security agents enjoy amazing benefits and, on average, retire sooner than those in other positions.

You really can’t go wrong by entering into the homeland security field at this time. Even if you take on the most basic position, you will likely fare very well.

2. Educational Opportunities: Another great reason to go into homeland security at this time is because there are a ton of different educational programs in the state that can get you primed and ready for success in the field. Many of these programs are even offered through inexpensive community colleges, allowing you to change your life and embark upon a new career without spending a fortune.

A few of the many great choices in the state include Ashland Community and Technical College, which offers associate’s degrees in corrections, criminal justice, law enforcement, and security and law enforcement; and Bluegrass Community and Technical College, in Lexington, which has associate’s degree programs in criminal justice and security management, as well as a certification program in homeland security and emergency management.

Keep in mind, too, that in today’s day and age, there are even more opportunities available, thanks to the many online schools in existence. As long as you choose an accredited online school, you can get a great education without even leaving your own home.

3. A Variety of Career Choices: It may come as a surprise to you, as it does to most people, but homeland security professionals do not all do the same job or work in the same way. There are actually hundreds upon hundreds of different jobs that can be held in the field. This means that, no matter what your skills and/or your interests, you can find a job that is just the right fit for you.

Most jobs will fall under one of the following exciting categories: Citizenship and Immigration Services, Customs and Border Protection, Federal Emergency Management, Federal Law Enforcement, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Transportation Security Administration, United States Coast Guard, and United States Secret Service.

No matter what category your job of interest falls in, you will undoubtedly be doing important and necessary work that affects the future and the current wellbeing of our great nation.

The reasons presented here for becoming a homeland security agent are just a few of many. There really is no better job that you could possibly have in today’s day and age.

You will be doing such important work and can feel good about yourself and your contribution to society each and every day that you go to work. Plus, there is lots of room for growth and advancement in this vast and constantly changing field.